A new study about AI ethics and learning: Educational technology companies’ challenges and solutions

The aim of the study was to investigate the ethical challenges, solutions and needs faced by companies that provide AI assisted products and services for different levels of education. The companies’ challenges were related in particular to four areas: regulations, human and machine learning and society. According to the studied companies, AI regulations are difficult to understand and implement, and there are serious challenges concerning inequality, safety, trustworthiness and responsibility. When designing solutions for educational use, companies suggested that AI applications should be preventive, safe, understandable and equal. Sufficient and accessible education, global collaboration, multi-professional support and dialogue between different actors in society were also emphasised. The findings indicate that companies endeavour to develop ethically sustainable AI applications and tools for learning, but the task is extremely challenging. All in all, challenges cannot be overcome alone, but all parties in society need to work together.

Reference: Kousa, P. & Niemi, H. (2020). AI ethics and learning – educational technology companies’ challenges and solutions. Technology, Pedagogy and Education. (Submitted)

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