AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Learning Conference was held successfully on 18th-19th of November 2021.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Learning Conference was held successfully on 18th-19th of November 2021.

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AI in Learning Conference Book 2021

This conference was organized by AI in Learning Consortium led by the University of Helsinki, Finland. And it is funded by Business Finland.

The conference’s main theme is AI in Learning. Associated with the main theme, there are four sub-themes:

  • AI in Wellbeing and Lifelong Learning
  • AI in Games and Simulations
  • AI in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) for Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
  • AI in Learning: Ethical Challenges and Solutions

We received more than 210 conference participant registrations. Conference participants were from 23 countries and over 87 affiliations from universities, educational companies, government organizations, etc.

At the conference, three distinguished international keynote speakers introduced new intelligent tools and environments in learning: how can AI be used in creative products of arts (Professor Hannu Toivonen from Finland), how AI can help students in math Learning with AI-based tutoring (Professor Lu from China), and how AI-based games can be constructed as narrative centered learning environment for learners’ engagement (Professor James Lester from U.S. A.).

We also had 43 abstract presentations from all overall the world addressing different aspects related to AI in Learning and education. The presentations gave a rich picture of multidisciplinary research and development about AI technology in learning and education. All abstracts of AI in Learning conference are gathered as a pdf book freely available. You may contact to receive this book.

The panel discussion, as well as the whole conference, gave a clear message that AI in Education and Learning is moving forward with current and future technological advancements, and needs much intensive multidisciplinary research with researchers, companies, and users.

Chair of AI in learning conference, Professor Hannele Niemi, put forward the message to conference participants: “Let’s assure the right for all people to access quality education throughout their life. AI and technology can be one crucial solution for this. To ensure quality education and access to quality education is a shared societal endeavor. We work together to shape the future.

See more conference highlights with recording videos on our conference webpage. Please feel free to share this information with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who is interested in AI technology used in learning and education.

Stay tuned for future updates from us, more materials on AI in Learning will be provided in the future.

Together we can achieve more!


Hannele Niemi, Chair of the conference,

Hannele Niemi

Ph.D., Professor, Research Director

UNESCO Chair on Educational Ecosystems for Equity and Quality of Learning

Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki




Location: International virtual conference, University of Helsinki

Conference web page and conference registration

Time: November 18-19, 2021
Organizer: AI in Learning Consortium led by University of Helsinki, Finland

We warmly welcome

Researchers, Companies, Policymakers, Teachers, School Leaders, and all users of Artificial Intelligent (AI)

– to share their research, innovations, reflections, experiences, and thoughts on how AI can change the learning landscapers and make learning more available and open to different learners.

The conference is a platform for sharing new solutions developed by researchers, companies, and users. We invite you to submit abstracts or proposals for
– Innovative practices and new solutions for learning
– Academic research papers

The conference has four sub-themes
– AI in Wellbeing and Lifelong Learning
– AI in Games and Simulations
– AI in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) for Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
– AI in Learning: Ethical Challenges and Solutions

Important dates
– 7.6.2021 Deadline for submitting abstracts or other proposals (max. 250 words)
– 23.6.2021 Acceptance of abstracts and proposals will be informed
– 20.10.2021 Deadline for conference registration

The conference is free of charge for participating.

Artificial intelligence for the common good in educational ecosystems

Human ecosystems are affected and developed by human actions. AI places new demands on all parts and partners of the education system, hence we must be aware of the influence of different parts on the system. AI can become a common good, but this first requires urgent discussion between different partners on how power, rights, responsibilities, control, regulations and resources are negotiated and agreed upon in the system. AI must not increase inequalities and narrow knowledge. To avoid this, new governance is needed at global and local policy levels, and new analysis and design of curricula are required from the perspective of lifelong learning and values. AI learning environments also elicit questions on how human learners and communities will gain learning agency when machines are also learning. This sets new challenges to pedagogy. AI can serve as a powerful tool but it should be situated in a wider educational context to aim for sustainability and inclusive human and social development. sustainability and inclusive human and social development.

Read more from Professor Hannele Niemi’s article:
Niemi, H. (2020). Artificial intelligence for the common good in educational ecosystems. Humanistic futures of learning: Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks (Sivut 148-152). Ediciones UNESCO.