Call for Papers: Exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Royal Armouries järjestää 10.5.2019 konferenssin otsikolla “The heart of the art of combat: Exploring medieval manuscript I.33”, jonka jälkeen (11.-12.5.2019) on tarjolla myös käytännön työpajoja historiallisiin lähteisiin perustuvassa miekkailussa:

Keynote-puhuja on Jeffrey Forgeng. Alla yllä linkitettyyn mainoslehtisen kolmannelta sivulta löytyvä esitelmäkutsu:

The conference aims to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of I.33 and welcomes submissions from scholars from various fields of study.

Submissions of original research papers that consider I.33 from a range of perspectives and disciplines are encouraged, as well as those that consider I.33 in a wider context. Delivery of papers should not exceed 30-minutes.

Topics might include:

  • I.33 perspectives – the codicology, language, art history, arms and armour or fighting techniques of the manuscript
  • I.33 in context – other sword and buckler traditions, art in medieval fight books, women and clerics in fencing

Contributions should be previously unpublished and speakers should be willing to offer their work as a 6,000 – 10,000 word article for peer review and publication in a Royal Armouries conference proceedings volume, edited by Jeffrey Forgeng.

Paper proposals Please email a 300-word abstract and 100-word biography to by 18 January 2019.