Academic writing, homework for the 4th meeting

Task 17

a) decline

b) influx, increase

c) improvements

Task 18

a) view

b) finding

c) problem

d) process

e) difficulty

f) estimation

Task 19

a) method/way

b) decline/change/decrease

c) conclusion, view, deduction

d) phenomenon, situation?,

e) increase, change, rise



I read this geography article Statistical modelling predicts almost complete loss of major periglacial processes in Northern Europe by 2100, published by Juha Aalto, Stephan Harrison and Miska Luoto.

I couldn’t find any contractions, direct questions, or the use of the word you. The article represents academic style. The article is very specialised, and the reader should have some geography background to understand it. The articles style and text is not very fluent and easy to read. Chapters do not necessarily follow each other in a continuous way. The style is very heavy to read. Overall, a great article.


Hours= 11,5+1,5 + 2= 15 h

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