ALMS final hours

ALMS course comes to an end. It has been quite a journey, and not the way I thought it would be. I was planning to get the four credits from ALMS, but due to many other courses I had to change my plans and do the two credits instead.

The most important lessons I feel I have learned in Kenneth’s academic writing and presentation courses. In academic writing we had plenty of homework and we wrote an academic text ourselves. In presentation class I prepared a presentation about studying geography and different fields of study in geography. I got good feedback and useful tips on how I should improve my presentation skills for next time. The presentation was about 15 to 20 minutes long and I had to practise reading it aloud for many times.

Here are the hours that I have not marked on the blog:

BBC news 2 hours

TED talks 2 hours

Espresso tales= 30 min + 30 min= 1 hour

I was planning to read an entire novel. I read the first couple of chapters, but I feel like the book was not for me. I am more of a holiday reader. I read so much in University that I feel like I don’t have the motivation for it in my “free time”.


Film: What just happened without subtitles 2 hours

A comedy with black humour. Ton of great actors including Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn and Bruce Willis.

Planet earth: the complete collection with English subtitles 3 hours

-seasonal forests

-great plains

-shallow seas



Kate Humble: Living With Nomads without subtitles 1 hour

A documentary about nomads and their lifestyle. In this episode Kate Humble travelled in Nepal and studied the nomad people’s habits.


In total=44

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