Özgü Gündeşlioğlu

Özgü Gündeşlioğlu is a Turkish ceramic artist-researcher who is based in Helsinki.

She focuses on experimental, process-based, collaborative, and improvised practices pertaining to ceramics. In addition to her artistic and academic works, she also gives private ceramic lessons. 

When asked to share her reasons for joining the project, Ozgu remarked “I believe that there is no hierarchy between tacit or codified knowledge. In order to create an interface between today’s divided institutes we just need to focus on the process rather than the outcome itself.”  

Özgü has collaborated with Professor Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma and Dr Paula Kiuru from the Medicinal Chemistry laboratory of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division and shares the following about her experience thus far: “Just like scientists experiment with different substances to produce viable products; I as an artist test alternative materials to achieve the right coating for my ceramics with respect to texture or colour. In this project, I wanted to unravel how the process of both artistic and scientific research have similarities. For this reason, I performed dozens of ceramic glaze experiments with materials that are regularly used in the lab such as silica, TLC paper, and disposable glass tubes.”  

You can read more about Özgü’s work on her website and on her Instagram 

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