When the light hits

Leena Salmio:

Acrylic on canvas 

“I show through the painting the encounter of light. In it, I depict different reflections, lenses, colours, and new worlds that open up through the microscope, which cannot otherwise be seen with the naked eye. I was able to view this world via Raman microscopy when I visited Dr Teemu Tomberg’s qCSI lab. As I looked under the microscope, I began to think about how scientists and artists have similarities in the way they look at the world. People do not know about the fascinating new universe behind the microscope that scientists know about – like many small worlds. How different a small tablet or everyday lotion can look through a microscope? I was thinking about the same encounter of colours, play, and coexistence while working on the painting. Lights, shadows, and contrasts are important when painting. We create new worlds, one under the microscope, and the other on canvas. When the light hits, we notice them”.

Price: 1200 EUR (600 EUR for the artist, 600 EUR for the faculty’s sustainable pharmacy fund)

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