From the sphere of land and atmosphere

Welcome to our Division’s blog! Ideas for a joint blog for our Division of Atmospheric Sciences, our Centres of Excellence, and our regional activitiesin China, India, South America and many other places have been thrown around for a long time and now we finally got it started. The aim of this blog is to help increase the information flow among our diverse groups in a way that is accessible to everyone and doesn’t take as much time as seminars; to tie our work into the bigger picture (sustainable development, climate change, global environmental change, human dimension); and to offer a forum for discussing any interesting topics we happen to think of.Anyone in our extended group is welcome to write to this blog on their research, travels, crazy ideas or other thoughts. Group supervisors/members are especially welcome to introduce their work and their people with a couple of photos and a paragraph from time to time to keep the whole Division and CoEs in the loop on what they are doing. The floor is yours!