Store all important files before 2013/06/01!

Follow the instructions to archieve files & data from BSCW 

1. Log in to BSCW at

2. Select folders or individual files you need to archive in your Home area. If you plan to unpack the archieve to Moodle, remember that maximum file size in Moodle is 20MB.

3.  Select “Archive”  and save the zip package to your workstation. If the “Archive” button is missing, see detailed instructions below.

It may take a while before the archive (zip package) is finished.

4. You can now download the archive package to save it to your workstation and if needed, to unzip it to Moodle (as a teacher). Note: BSCW Calendar marks are not saved to archive.


What to do, if the “archive” button is missing?

This means you are using “beginners view” at BSCW. Select the expert view:

1. Open Options (main menu)

2. Select Level: Expert

Now you will have all BSCW function in use.