In the upper right hand corner of the user interface you find a row of icons that give direct
access to the public space and to a number of personal objects. These icons are available in
each of your folders or workspaces.

bscw_homearea.gif Home space (personal workspace).

Your personal workspace or home folder is the folder that may only be accessed by
yourself and contains all your folders and all workspaces where you are a member.

bscw_public.gif Public space

The public space represents that part of BSCW which is accessible by everyone
without any access control (anonymous).

bscw_clipboard.gif Clipboard

The clipboard serves as an intermediate store when cutting and copying.

bscw_trash.gif Trash

The trash helps to prevent unauthorized or unintentional deletion of objects.

bscw_address.gif Address book

The address book is used mainly to invite new members to your workspaces and to
assign specific roles when necessary.

bscw_calendar.gif Calendar

The calendar helps you manage your appointments.


The task list contains tasks you are to carry out.

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