VR visualisation with Blender

Blender render time spender.

I was playing around with VisIt last summer as a part of my job. Someone then asked me if I can do 360 videos with the data. I answered no at the time. Fast-forward to the present. Turns out that yes, you indeed can do 360 VR visualisations with your scientific data. Neat, isn’t it? Well, at least I thought so and decided to give it a try. And well, here we are.

This is a tutorial of sorts about all the stuff I’ve learned. I’m assuming that the reader is completely new to Blender and maybe even a bit intimidated by it, like the author was. Hence for those Blender experts out there, this tutorial is very hand holdy.

The visualisation I’ve been working on is this VR animation of cosmic necklace network that consists of cosmic strings (green) and magnetic monopoles (red). More information on the system can be found from the video description as well as links to the scientific papers the simulation is based on. Now you can experience the possible events of early universe in VR!

I feel like I should state that doing VR visualisations is not very hard, it just
takes infuriatingly long to actually get it working. Here are eight easy steps how to do that.

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