Facing the Coordination Challenge: Problems, Policies, and Politics in Media and Communication Regulation

The background of the project is on the emerging European policy paradigm of media and communications policy-making on the one hand, and its impacts on the Finnish national media systems and their institutional foundations on the other hand. Previous empirically oriented research has focused mainly on transformations of media policy in a national context, whereas analyses employing broader communication perspectives are relatively scarce. The project is anchored on four case studies concerning the press, broadcasting, telecommunication, and copyright (especially in the Internet). Organizing the research into case studies allows the integration of various methodological approaches into the analysis (quantitative and qualitative content analysis of legislation, policy documents, news media content, and interviews of key actors in policy formation).

More details available on the project website.

Project leader Hannu Nieminen, hannu.nieminen@helsinki.fi
Funded by the Academy of Finland