The Idea

The Problem

We are exceeding the boundaries of the Planet. To achieve pathway to the sustainable future, changes are needed in all sectors of the economic activity, such as industry and public services. However, also consumption patterns and behavior of individuals and households play an important role. Household consumption accounts for about 70% of the carbon footprint of Finland. If everyone lived like we do, we would need the resources of over three planet Earths. There is no doubt that something must be done for present lifestyles. Read more about the background of our idea…

The Challenge

Change of consumption patterns is required to tackle environmental challenges. But it is not easy to change one’s routines and habits. And more harder it gets, if you don’t know how to change them in order to make your lifestyle more sustainable. We need to provide them real-time information on environmental effects of their actions in an easy form. In other words, we have two challenges: routines and signals. The extensive, and existing, data registries of our consumption create new opportunities for developing personalized solutions to follow and get feedback on our consumption choices. Read more about the challenges we are going to surpass…

The Solution

A sustainability signal system, Sustainability Tracker, as a mobile application gives real-time signals on individual consumption behavior and encourages more sustainable consumption choices.  A mobile app is easy to use, there’s no need for laborious data entries for any calculators, it is always available, and results are sharable in the social media. We are testing different feedback systems to find the ones that work best. Read more about the Sustainability Tracker…

For a quick overview, see our presentation:


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  1. Hienoa Kaisa ja Janna & tiimi,

    Tosi hienoa nähdä teidät kisaamassa. Idea on loistava! Täyttäkää tohon ylle vielä why ja how, niin asia selkiytyy paremmin. Aurinkoista kevättä Saara