The Team

Our team for Helsinki Challenge consist of experts on environmental sustainability from various fields:

Our team leader is Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki.  Kaisa is a Research coordinator at Helsinki University Center for Environment, HENVI. Her role as the coordinator is to increase multi- and interdisciplinary research at the University of Helsinki. She also enhances the visibility of environmental research and pro-actively engages stakeholders and end-users to the activities of HENVI.

Janne Hukkinen is a Professor of environmental policy at the Department of Social Sciences. His research interests are related to  e.g. socio-cognitive aspects of sustainability assessment and strategy, with empirical applications in participation and expertise in environmental and technology policy, risk governance, long-term waste management and environmentally sound product concepts,.

Senja Laakso is a Doctoral researcher at the Department of Environmental Sciences. Her research interests are related to social and material barriers for adopting sustainable practices in Finnish households, as well as integrating studies on social and environmental sustainability. She is also interested in science communication. Follow on Twitter and read more about Senja…

Janna Pietikäinen is a University lecturer at the  Helsinki University Center for Environment, HENVI. As an university lecturer is in charge of multidisciplinary environmental studies. She is also a specialist in environmental teaching and learning.

Marja Salo works as a researcher in the Finnish Environment Institute, Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production. She is a specialist in climate effects of household consumption and a developer of the Climate Diet -net service. Follow on Twitter and read more about Marja…

Leo Stranius works as an  executive director at the Finnish Nature League. He is an environmental specialist and a city councillor. He has a wide experience from different non-governmental organizations. Follow on Twitter and read more about Leo…


Our team
Our team: Janne, Janna, and Leo at back and Senja, Kaisa, and Marja in front.


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