The Problem

We are exceeding the boundaries of the Planet. Environmental problems, such as climate change and decline of natural resources, are the biggest challenges of humankind. Our welfare is dependent on limiting global warming in time and dematerialization of our production and consumption systems. To achieve pathway to the sustainable future, changes are needed in all sectors of the economic activity, such as industry and public services. However, also consumption patterns and behavior of individuals and households play an important role.

If everyone lived like we do, we would need the resources of over three planet Earths. There is no doubt that something must be done for present lifestyles.


Household consumption accounts for about 70% of the carbon footprint of Finland. This is in line with the global figure 72 % presented by Hertwich and Peters (2009) and consists of housing, mobility, food, and goods and services. The CO2 emissions of an average Finn are about 8 700 kilograms per year. The globally sustainable level is around 1 000 kilograms per year, so we Finns have a lot to do in order to achieve the sustainable consumption level.

Kuva: Suomen ympäristökeskus
CO2 emissions of an average Finnish household (per person per year). Source: Suomen ympäristökeskus

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