Russian Law Talks 1 – The Arctic Environment, Sounds, and Posthuman Laws

The Arctic Environment, Sounds, and Posthuman Laws

16 February 2021

Time: 16:00 (Helsinki time)

Watch the seminar here:

Please join us for a discussion on contemporary issues in the Russian Arctic and its changing environments. Dr. Elena Cirkovic will host the session and present on the interactions between different global-local legal regimes, posthumanism, and indigenous perspectives on the region.

Dr. Roza Laptander will present her research on sounds in Siberian culture.

Susanna Pirnes will present her ongoing doctoral research on the topic “Identity utopias carried by arctic history politics”.


Dr. Roza Laptander’s research interests are based on sociolinguistics, and linguistic anthropology, documentating the Nenets language and spoken history of the Western Siberian Nenets. In her work she describes the Nenets memories about the past and their present life in the Yamal tundra.

Dr. Elena Cirkovic’s research project focuses on sustainable uses of outer space and its interactions with the Earth System and climate change monitoring.

Ms Susanna Pirnes works on Arctic identity formation, focusing on memory politics and the use of history in the development of current Russian Arctic politics.