Russian Law Talks 6-Gender and the Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: Women at the time of War and Peace

08 March 2022
Time: 17:00-18:30 (Helsinki time)
Via Zoom


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Event Description:

Gender plays a significant role in the rhetoric of war and peace. With ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine, Marianna Muravyeva and three women scholars, specialists in masculinities, gender studies, women’s history, and feminist politics discuss how anti-gender campaigns, traditional values rhetoric and toxic militarised masculinities in both Russia and Ukraine worked in the past wars and conflicts and what is their role today in this current war.


Valerie Sperling
Ph.D. Clark University

Christine Worobec
Distinguished Research Professor Emerita at Northern Illinois University

Melanie G. Mierzejewski-Voznyak
Visiting researcher at Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki