Post-Soviet Legal Choices 4 Recording Available!

The seminar: Post-Soviet Legal Choices 4-What Happened in Russian Law in 2022? with Grigory Vaypan, Kirill Koroteev, Denis Shedov, Jeffrey Kahn and William Pomeranz was held on 22nd December 2022.

Watch the seminar here:

The original description of the event:

The year 2022 has provided many challenges for Russian Law, many of which deal with Russian aggression against Ukraine. In this Talk, our guests who are lawyers, advocates and researchers talk about results and further perspectives of legal development for Russia.


Grigory Vaypan
Independent Russian Human Rights Lawyer & Scholar

Peter H. Solomon, University of Toronto
Professor Emeritus

Kirill Koroteev
Head of International Practice at Agora International Human Rights Group

Denis Shedov
Russian Human Rights Lawyer and Analyst at OVD-INFO

Jeffrey Kahn, SMU, Dedham School of Law

William Pomeranz, The Wilson Center
Director of Kennan Institute