Congratulations Claudia, Hertta and Elias for the City of Helsinki Master’s thesis award!

Yearly award for the best Master’s thesis have been again presented by the city of Helsinki on Monday the 9th of December 2019. We at the Digital Geography Lab would like to give special congrats to three awarded GIS wizards from the Department of Geography and Geosciences, Univerisity of Helsinki: Claudia Bergroth, Hertta Sydänlammi and Elias Willberg!

Bergroth Claudia (2019): Uncovering population dynamics using mobile phone data: the case of Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The estimated hourly distribution of people on an average weekday in the Finnish Capital Region based on network-driven cellular mobile phone data. Read more about Claudia’s work in this blog post. 

Sydänlammi Hertta (2019): Strategic districting for the mitigation of educational segregation: A pilot model for school district optimization in Helsinki.

Original and re-calculated school districts.  Read more about Hertta’s work from Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish).

Willberg Elias (2019): Bike sharing as part of urban mobility in Helsinki: a user perspective.

Bike_sharing 15.5.2017

All the trips (n~7200) made by Helsinki bike-sharing system bikes on Monday 15.5.2017. Routes have been modeled. Read more about Elias’ work in this blog post.

You can find more information, and other recipients of the price  (in Finnish) in here:  Congratulations to all 9 recipients!