Releasing the new Travel Time Matrix and GREENTRAVEL project 17th May 2023!

Howwell-connected is the Helsinki region for drivers, cyclists or public transport users? Does greenery support health and wellbeing during travel? How to plan for equal travel access and environmental sustainability? How are equal travel access and environmental sustainability related?

If you want to hear and discuss more about these topics, join us on 17 Mayin Think Corner (9.30-11.00) and Porthania Urbarium (11.30-13.00). The event is organized by the University of Helsinki’s Digital Geography Lab.

The event consists of two sessions. In the first morning session  ( 9.30-11.00), we will launch the new Travel Time Matrix 2023 for Helsinki region. The matrix is an interactive open access dataset that allows investigation of travel times for different travel modes in the Helsinki region. This widely used dataset has been published since 2013. It is now published for the fourth time, allowing for examining  changes in accessibility structures over an even longer period of time. During this session, there will be a presentation of the purpose and development of the matrix by the researchers. The stakeholders from the cities will also tell about their uses and experiences with the Matrix.

After launching the matrix, we will present our next big project GREENTRAVEL (2023 –2028). The goal of the project is to better understand the importance of urban greenery during people’s travel, its impacts on human well-being and health, and the equality of green travel environments. The event will be both in Finnish and English.

The second session of the event (11.30-13.00) is the GREENTRAVEL project workshop. The workshop aims to encourage cross-sectional discussion on how greenery is understood from a travel perspective, what wellbeing benefits it is expected to produce and how it can be better incorporated in current green infrastructure and travel and mobility planning.

Coffee will be served after the first part of the event. We also offer coffee and snacks for those who participate in the workshop.

Please register to participate by 12 May by filling the registration form.