Who are we ?


The Newspapers group studies the relationship between advertising and journalistic ideals in the nineteenth century. Our team consists of students in computer science, history and literature from Italy, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Pakistan, France, Russia, Denmark, Ecuador and Finland.

Bolivia Erazo did her doctoral studies in cultural history at the University of Turku, Finland. In her monograph, she examined the coming of sound cinema to Quito, Ecuador in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In general, she is interested in media history.


Khanim Garayeva is a first year PhD student of the English Literary Studies in the University of Szeged, Hungary. Her main research area is the Historiographic Metafiction in the Contemporary British Literature, however, DH is her another academic focus.


Kalle Kusk Gjetting is an Information Studies student from Aarhus University. His main interest is mixed-method approaches within both humanities and computer science.



Zafar Hussain is a Data Science master student at university of Helsinki. He is a researcher at computational history group, University of Helsinki. His research interests include bridging the gap between humanities and computer science.


Hyun Jung Kang is a PhD student at University of Paris Nanterre. Her main research interests lies in the area of computational linguistics and its application to the behavioral and social sciences. Her current research focuses on opinion mining of online reviews written in French. But she is looking forward to doing linguistic analysis in other subjects such as digital humanities and forensic science.


Sarah Oberbichler is a postdoctoral researcher and works at the Department of Contemporary History at the University of Innsbruck. She is currently working in two projects on digital newspapers and digital archives. Her research interests are European and regional contemporary history, migration history, media, and digital humanities.



Anna Obukhova is a Russian Language and Literature student in the University of Helsinki. She is interested in discourse analysis, corpus linguistics and language of newspapers.



Nejma Omari is a PhD student at Paul Valery Montpellier III University. She is currently preparing a doctoral thesis in french literature and digital humanities under the supervision of Marie-Eve Therenty. She works on the relationship between newspapers and literature, collection of articles and media culture in the 19th century.


Anastasia Pustozerova is a Master student in Vienna University of Technology. She is doing research in machine learning, currently working on privacy techniques in ml.



Ruben Ros is a student of History at Utrecht University. He is interested in DH and conceptual history and previously worked as an intern in the Helsinki Computational History Group.



Our team leaders

Antoine Doucet is a tenured Full Professor at the L3i laboratory of the University of La Rochelle since 2014. He obtained a PhD in computer science from the University in Helsinki in 2005, and holds a French habilitation (HDR) since 2012. Antoine’s main research interests lie in the fields of information retrieval (structured and semi-structured) and natural language processing.

Axel Jean-Caurant  is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of La Rochelle. His main interests concern digital humanities, word embeddings and information access. He is currently working on a project about digital newspapers.



Jani Marjanen is a postdoctoral researcher at the Helsinki Computational History Group, University of Helsinki. He is a trained historian who has focused on the development of the publich sphere and the theory and method of conceptual history.



Jean-Philippe Moreux joined the BnF in 2012 as OCR and digital publishing formats expert and is now Gallica scientific advisor. In addition to being a member of the ALTO Editorial Board, he currently works on all heritage digitization programs and research projects (NLP, text and data mining, OCR, etc.) BnF participated to, as well as on the application of research results to digital libraries.

Dr. Ilona Pikkanen works at the Research Department of the Finnish Literature Society. Her research interests include the comparative, long-term study of historiography and historical fiction.