Kupla (Bubble)

Multiliteracy for young children with the storybook Kupla (Bubble)

Kupla (Bubble) is a children’s picture book co-created with the team in the MOI-The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies development programme at the University of Helsinki (Byman et al., 2020).  The visuals of the book are created as a collaboration with graphic designer Maroy Oy and are based on Jenny Renlund’s and Jenny Byman’s artwork. The book is designed to engage young children in multimodal and multi-sensuous explorations of their surroundings. In the story a soap bubble ends up in a forest and children are invited to go on an adventure together with the Bubble. The book will be available in Finnish and Swedish.

Kupla can be downloaded (in finnish) here

Byman, J., Renlund, J., Kumpulainen, K., Keso, M., Sintonen, S., Vartiainen, J., Sairanen, H. & Nordström, A.. (2020). Kupla/ Bubblan. MOI-The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies, University of Helsinki


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