Riddle of the Spirit

Learning about climate change through stories, play and multiliteracies

Riddle of the Spirit is a set of playful multiliteracy materials. They are designed so children can explore the topic of climate change through a story inspired by Finnish myths. One day, the thunderstorm spirit Ukko became sick and lost his ability to control the weather. The goal is for the children to investigate the reasons for this loss and create imaginative solutions to help Ukko be happy and control the weather once more.

This project aims to promote children’s awareness and knowledge of environmental issues as well as enhance their literacy in ecological issues and multiliteracy overall. In total, this journey consists of seven pedagogical activities to be realised inside and outside of the classroom through teacher facilitation, explorative learning and discussion. The project includes activity instructions, discussion questions and prop templates.

Riddle of the Spirit is an extensive learning journey with several spirit characters, who are the thunderstorm spirit Ukko, the forest spirit Tapio, the water spirit Vetehinen and the ancient wizard Myrrysmies.

The material can be downloaded here:
Riddle of the Spirit (English)
Haltijan arvoitus (Finnish) 
Rådarens gåta (Swedish)


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