MyAR Julle

Creating stories with AR-technology

The gift of storying!  Every child needs to have opportunities to create and share stories. MyARJulle is an open source augmented reality app created in the Joy of Learning Multiliteracies (MOI) development programme . The app is pedagogically designed by professor Kristiina Kumpulainen and visually and functionally by Maroy Oy. It supports children’s storytelling in multimodal ways. The app invites children to take a picture of and tell a story about the forest elf ‘Julle’. The app is designed to promote playful exploring of surroundings and it engages children to place and imagine ‘Julle’ in specific environments (Kumpulainen, et al.; 2020). The app can be downloaded from AppStore or Google Play in Finnish, Swedish and English (

Open the app, take a picture and tell your story about Julle – Happy storying!


*Image by Maroy Oy via 

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