Book Launch: Social and Cultural Aspects of the Circular Economy

October 21 (Friday) Time: 15.00-16.00 (Helsinki), 14.00-15.00 (CET), online

Contributors: Iris Borowy, Grace Harrison, Sabine Lettmann, Tariro Kamuti, Carlos Miret Fernandéz, Viktor Pál

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This book launch will consider the recent publication “Social and Cultural Aspects of the Circular Economy Toward Solidarity and Inclusivity

This collection of essays brings together discussions arguing that the circular economy must be linked to society and culture in order to create a viable concept for remodelling the economy. Covering a diverse range of topics and regions, including cities and living, food and human waste, packaging and law, fashion, design and art, this book provides a multi-layered examination of circularity. Transitioning to a circular economy, reducing resource input and waste, and narrowing material and energy loops are becoming an increasingly important targets to combat decades of unsustainable models of consumption. However, they will require a significant shift in social and cultural thinking and these dimensions have not yet been factored into policy debates and frameworks. While recognising the key role of individual consumers and their behaviours, the book goes beyond this singular perspective to provide equal focus on institutional and political structures as necessary drivers for real change. Social and Cultural Aspects of the Circular Economy argues for a social and solidarity economy (SSE) to combine individual actions with a wider cultural shift. It will be an important read for scholars, researchers, students and policy-makers in the circular economy, waste studies, consumption and other environmentally focused social sciences.


Project Campfire Catering / Nuotiokattaus – 16.10.2022, Harakka Island, Helsinki

Organizers: Päivi Maunu, Mirimari Väyrynen

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The campfire catering is discussions and actions that flow between art and science.

Place: Harakka Island, Helsinki

Time: October 16

Photo by Päivi Maunu

The campfire catering is discussions and actions that flow between art and science. Let´s cook together in Harakka Island! We are looking for environmentally conscious ways of being and working. Bring out awareness and rituals, knowledge and theory by experimenting with concepts and views and humor and sluggish. The meaningfulness of the time spent together, the sharing of information and the shaping of culture produce activity, activism. 


We get together in Harakka island at 13.10. There is a boat leaving  at 13 pm from Ullanlinna pear next to the café  Ursula. Please bring your own cup. Vegan food ingredients are offered by ContemporarySOTKU. Registration in advance and possible food allergies are asked by sending an email to before 15.10.2022. There are 13 places available.

The boat return ticket is 6 euros.

Nuotiokattaus on taiteen-tieteen välillä virtaavia keskusteluja ja tekoja. Kokataan yhdessä Harakan saarella! Etsimme ympäristöhuomaavaisia tapoja olla ja työskennellä. Houkuttelemme esiin tietämystä ja rituaaleja, tietoa ja teoriaa käsitteiden ja näkemysten hahmottamiseksi kokeilllen ja huumorilla ja verkkaisesti. Yhdessä vietetyn ajan merkityksellisyys, tiedon jakaminen ja kulttuurin muokkaaminen tuottavat toimintaa, aktivismia.


Tapaamme Harakassa klo 13.10. Merenkävijöiden lautta lähtee Ullnalinnan laiturilta café Ursulan vierestä. Ota oma muki mukaan! Nuotioillallisen vegaaniraaka-aineet tarjoaa ContemporarySOTKU. Mahdolliset ruoka-allergiat ja ennakkoonilmottautumiset pyydetään lähettämään sähköpostilla 13 ensimmäistä mahtuu mukaan.
Photo: Päivi Maunu



Planting ideas for vegetal humanities and art research

October 11 (Tuesday) 15.00-16.30), University of Helsinki, Porthania 224, Yliopistonkatu 3

Annette Arlander, University of the Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts

Karoliina Lummaa, University of Turku

Olga Cielemecka, University of Eastern Finland

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Image caption: Annette Arlander. Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees, 2020. Courtesy of the Artist.

In this multivoice conversation, artist Annette Arlander, literary scholar Karoliina Lummaa, and forest philosopher Olga Cielemecka talk about plant humanities and their experiments with performing and thinking with topics such as vegetation, non-human agency, and plant resilience. Participants are invited to join the discussion by sharing and nurturing their ideas with others. During our get-together, we will also discuss possible networking opportunities in the future.

After the event (16.45-18.00), we will hold a ‘Playful planting’ narrative game to consider the role of playfulness, imagination, and story-telling in the emergent strategies for living together in times of climate emergency and biodiversity loss.

The event is open to everyone interested in plants and vegetal being in artistic practice and research, the humanities, and beyond, as well as plant-ivists and students.