”The Road and I” by Kaisa Penttinen


In my project “The Road and I” my main focus is on change and subjectivity in experiencing a location; I have explored a relationship to a place while years and kilometers pass. It is a small and subjective display of how one’s relationship with a place, people, things, and life is changing in long term, in a foreign cultural and societal settings – and how the individual is changing along.

“The Road and I” is an autoethnographic narrative taking place in the Land of Smiles, where I have spent several years with my camera in different periods of time, in different roles in various communities within ten years. I believe that similar, and at the same time unique stories, could be found and told from anywhere in the world. I cannot say, what and who has changed and how much within these years – me, my gaze or Thailand – but I believe this is as subjective truth as any.

In my work I combine multiple different techniques of photography to assist in sharing the story – the stories. Originally, the pictures have been placed in ten different envelopes to benchmark the ten years being displayed in this work.

Kaisa’s project was created in conjunction with the IHME Helsinki Commission 2022 course entitled Learning from Doubt. This project will be showcased in November. Follow this blog for more updates.

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