“The changing academic profession: the impact of globalisation, diversification and institutional reorganisation on academic work and employment conditions” (EUROAC-FIN) is an associate member of an international EUROAC Consortium , and part of EuroHESC program in EUROCORES of European Science Foundation. Finnish associate project is funded by University of Helsinki, HEINE. It will provide a platform for accessing international co-operation and a comparative study on academic profession.

The overriding aim of this project is to ask a representative sample of mature Finnish academics what they think about their profession, to compare the present with the past, and to anticipate the future. This project as a part of EUROAC Consortium will provide a platform for accessing international co-operation. This study benefits from the Changing Academic Profession Survey (CAP 2007/08), which mapped academic careers and work assignments as well as the perceptions and attitudes towards the societal and institutional context of the academic profession. Drawing on the findings of these surveys, this project aims to proceed towards a more in-depth understanding of academics’ perceptions, interpretations and attitudes and their impact on the major activities of the academic profession.

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