Second week

I write these week posts based on my memory, what happened during the first weeks here at my new working environment. First week ended with Challenge competition and grande finale, gala dinner.

At the second week, I learned to come here, leave my coat and rucksack at wardrobe locker, to find my place, table I preferred to work. On Tuesday, my class on Assessment and Learning (Oppimisen arviointi ja palautteen antaminen, 5 op) had a final day with presentations. I loved that now I could just walk across the corridor to the classroom. I didn’t need to reserve any desk for my work, and then when the class was over, I came here and found one free place. I read the feedback.

The so called quiet room was still quite messy, and people were wondering how they could work there as there were no desks, and no place. So it was if I remember right, on Thursday 19th when finally the quiet room was organised and furnished with old desks so that people could start working there.

Every day arriving to new work environment was exiting and I noticed that people started to settle in. People selected almost always the same desks, some preferring the electronic tables, and some the old ones. I developed my routines to arrive first to changing room, comb my hair, carry my laptop in bag and find my place.

Administration people had their loud coffee breaks at nine in the morning and then at afternoon about two o’clock. Otherwise it was quite quiet. People like to work quietly, focused in their tasks. I myself felt happy to work, and compared to my old office, the environment supported me to focus in my work, to write and develop further my ideas both in teaching and in research.

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