Third week

During this week, some of the furniture arrived, the nests have been used for short meetings. With nests I mean the chairs and tables surrounded by a curtain in case one likes to have privacy. In our space, we have two circle curtains, and can pull on the curtains when like to be or discuss in private. We decided (actually the decision was made by me and another person) that one nest could be more official with round table and chairs around it and on the table a data projector. One circle with curtains is reserved for a small group (2-3 persons) meeting with easy chairs and small sofa tables.

People began to use the circle nests with curtains and have their first meetings inside the curtains. I could hear talking, but it was not loud and didn’t disturb me.

However, mostly the EWE is quite empty, and it is quiet. I’ve liked to come here instead of working at home as during my YTY days. I like that here are people around me, working and that helps me to focus on my writing.

The administration people have their coffee breaks at 9.00 o’clock morning and then at 14.00 o’clock afternoon. During their coffee break it’s quite noisy. I’m getting to be used for that. My own schedule with the need for coffee break is different, mostly I like to have my coffee and work at the same time and not to stop for coffee break. This is different than what I liked in YTY, as their I had my own room and really wanted to have sometimes coffee break with others just to chat and have some fun. Now my need for a coffee break is not so strong, and sometimes I just prefer to have some tea next to me, and continue to focus on my writing.

The so called quiet room is still in a “process”, and I don’t find it comfortable room. There are no cosy chairs, no sofa. People have wanted to have their big screens and quiet place for data analyses etc… I would like to have a quiet place to read… and at the moment no such place is available in EWE. I wonder what we can do for that room. Now the function of the room is not very well planned.

I’ve learned to use Outlook Calendar and how to reserve meeting rooms, and I’m planning to use meeting rooms Minerva 435 and Minerva 325, and only as a last possibility, to reserve that Cave.

So three weeks have gone, and I’m getting used to my new working environment. No regrets! 🙂

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