Watch this slideshow for a presentation of fiskmö. And here is our flyer.

The primary goal of the FISKMÖ (finsk-svensk korpus & maskinoversättning) project is to create a massive parallel corpus of Finnish and Swedish to support linguistic research.

The second goal of the project is to use the corpus to develop a public machine translation service for translation between Finnish and Swedish. As the quantity and quality of training data is the most important factor in machine translation quality, the FISKMÖ translation service can be expected to provide translations of higher quality than other public machine translation services, for which less training data is available.

Creating a massive parallel corpus for Finnish and Swedish

Our mission is to systematically collect material that has been translated from Finnish to Swedish and vice versa in the public sector, in private organisations and at language service providers in Finland. Our goal is

  • to create a public parallel corpus for cross-lingual research and
  • to create training data for machine translation with a wide coverage

Creating a public translation engine of high quality

Our second goal is to build public services for the translation between Finnish and Swedish (in both directions) with high quality and reliability. We will support

  • translation engines customized for specific text types
  • general-purpose translation engines

How to support us

Supporting us is easy, and we greatly appreciate all assistance. There are no costs involved! Contact us about any kind of data set you have that includes translations between Finnish and Swedish. We will process the data, while ensuring that all necessary data protection procedures are followed. We stress openness and transparency in our work and you will always know what your data is used for.

Contact us

You can contact us by email: fiskmo-project(at)helsinki.fi or leave a message on the contact page.

FISKMÖ is a joint project of the universities of Helsinki and Turku and Kites (an umbrella organization for the language sector in Finland), and it is funded by Svenska kulturfonden.