Events and activities

The core of the project activities will be a monthly seminar in which ongoing research issues are presented and debated. Guest commentators shall be invited regularly on both thematic and methodological issues to aid the team members to develop their argumentation and to publicize their findings.

All information about events, workshops, conferences and other activities of the project will be posted here.

8.4.2014 A lecture by professor Jorma Kalela.

15.4.2014 A lecture by professor Juha Siltala.

10.4.2014 A presentation by Dr. Tommaso Beggio.

14.5.2014 A lecture by professor Thomas Bennett.

15.-17.5.2014 “Totalitarianism, Law and the idea of Europe” conference.

20.5.2014 A lecture by Dr. Oula Silvennoinen.

29.9.2014 A lecture by professor Thomas A.J. McGinn (Vanderbilt University): “The Expressive Function of Law and the Lex Imperfecta?”.

24.11.2014 A lecture by Janne Pölönen.

27.1.2015 “The cultural breach of 2nd World War and ‘Europe’ in historiography and legal thought” workshop.

25.5.2015 A lecture by professor Pierangelo Buongiorno.

22.-23.10.2015 “Using the past: Romanists, totalitarianism and its legacy” conference.

25.1.2016 A lecture by professor Rena van den Bergh.

15.3.2016 A lecture by Dr. Jacob Giltaij.

15.-16.4.2016 “Imposing Liberty: Overseas influences on the legal reconstruction of Europe after World War II” conference.

22.-24.9.2016 “Conceptual Change in History” conference.

4.11.2016 “Atlantic Transfers: Responses to Totalitarianism in Legal Thought and the Dilemma of Liberty in the Post-War Atlantic” workshop.

17.-18.2.2018 “The Crises of European Legal Traditions inside and outside Europe” conference.