Publications of the project

On this page, we will post news about the publications of the project, as well as the “Accepted for publication” versions of the journal articles of the project. As per ERC rules, the project is committed to making a best effort in open access publication.

Articles, book chapters, monographs

Kaius Tuori, “Natseista ja emigranteista oikeustieteen historiassa”, in Oikeuden historiasta tulevaisuuden Eurooppaan (Suomalaisen Lakimiesyhdistyksen julkaisuja 26, E-sarja), Helsinki 2014, 341-357.

Jacob Giltaij and Ville Erkkilä, “An interview with Tony Honoré”, Forum Historiae Iuris 26/02/2015.

Jacob Giltaij and Kaius Tuori, “Human rights in Antiquity? Revisiting anachronism and Roman law”, in Revisiting the Origins of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press), Cambridge and New York 2015, 39-63.

Ville Erkkilä, “Time, identity, and history: on the cognitive psychology and figural practice of historiography”, Rethinking History 19:4 (2015), 602-620.

Kaius Tuori, “Schmitt and the Sovereignty of Roman Dictators: From the Actualisation of the Past to the Recycling of Symbols”, History of European Ideas 42:1 (2016), 95-106.

Kaius Tuori, “Judge Julia Domna? A Historical Mystery and the Emergence of Imperial Legal Administration”, The Journal of Legal History 37:2 (2016), 180-197.

Jacob Giltaij, “Augustus and self-defense as the Stoic reason of state in the Roman legal order”, History of Political Thought 37:1 (2016), 25-56.

Ville Erkkilä, “The metaphysics and legal history. An interview with Michael Stolleis”, European Legal Roots Online (2016), 3-17.

Jacob Giltaij, “Fritz Schulz, Refugee Scholarship, and the Riccobono Seminar”, Roman Legal Tradition 12 (2016), 1-19.

Tommaso Beggio: “Review of L. Maurizi, Il ‘cursus honorum’ senatorio da Augusto a Traiano. Sviluppi formali e stilistici nell’epigrafia latina e greca, Helsinki, Commentationes Humanarum Literarum, 130, Societas Scientiarum Fennica, 2013”, Arctos. Acta Philologica Fennica 50 (2016), 209-212.

Jacob Giltaij, “Greek philosophy and classical Roman law: a brief overview”, in Oxford Handbook of Roman law and Society (Oxford University Press), Oxford 2016, 188-199.

Jacob Giltaij, “Existimatio as ‘human dignity’ in late-classical Roman law”, Fundamina 22:2 (2016), 232-249. DOI 10.17159/2411-7870/2016/v22n2a3.

Jacob Giltaij: “Human rights, Roman law and Stoicism. Rephrasing the question”, in Yearbook of the Academy of Athens of the research centre for the History of Greek law, vol. 46 (Academy of Athens), Athens 2016, 105-131.

Jacob Giltaij: “Review of B. Straumann, The classical foundations of Hugo Grotius’ natural law (Cambridge, 2015)”, Grotiana 37 (2016), 95-103. DOI 10.1163/18760759-03700005.

Kaius Tuori (with Clifford Ando and Paul J. Du Plessis): “A word from the authors”, in Oxford Handbook of Roman law and Society (Oxford University Press), Oxford 2016, 3-7.

Kaius Tuori: Emperor of Law. The Emergence of Roman Imperial Adjudication (Oxford University Press), Oxford 2016.

Tommaso Beggio, “Paul Koschaker and the path to “Europa und das römische Recht” (1937-1946)”, European Legal Roots 6 (2017), 291-326.

Ville Erkkilä: The Conceptual Change of Conscience: Franz Wieacker and German Legal Historiography 1933–1968. PhD dissertation, University of Helsinki (Unigrafia), Helsinki 2017.

Kaius Tuori, “Hadrian’s cosmopolitanism and the Nazi legal policy”, Classical Receptions Journal 9:4 (2017), 470-486. DOI 10.1093/crj/clx003.

Tommaso Beggio: “La ‘Interpolationenforschung’ agli occhi di Paul Koschaker: la critica a Gradenwitz e alla cosiddetta ‘neuhumanistische Richtung’ e lo sguardo rivolto all’esempio di Salvatore Riccobono”, in Gradenwitz, Riccobono und die Entwicklung der Interpolationenkritik (Mohr Siebeck), Tübingen 2018, 121-155.

Tommaso Beggio: “‘A obra centenária’. M. Wlassak, Anklage und Streitbefestigung im Kriminalrecht der Römer”, Interpretatio Prudentium II:2 (2017), forthcoming.

Tommaso Beggio: “Note in tema di condanna ‘ad tempus’ nelle ‘damnationes ad metalla’”, AUPA 60 (2017), 17-42.

Tommaso Beggio: Paul Koschaker (1879-1951). Rediscovering the Roman Foundations of European Legal Tradition, Heidelberg 2018.

Tommaso Beggio: “Paul Koschaker und die Reform des romanistischen Rechtsstudiums in Deutschland. Ein unveröffentlichtes Dokument”, Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte: Romanistische Abteilung 135 (2018), 645-680.

Tommaso Beggio: “The arduous Path to recover a Common European Legal Culture: Paul Koschaker, 1937-1951”, in Roman Law and the Idea of Europe, Bloomsbury 2018, forthcoming.

Conference reports

Using the past: Romanists, totalitarianism and its legacy, Villa Lante al Gianicolo, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae (Rome), 22-23 October, 2015.

Imposing Liberty: Overseas Influences on the Legal Reconstruction of Europe after World War II, NYU Florence, La Pietra, 15-16 April, 2016.

Atlantic transfers: responses to totalitarianism in legal thought and the dilemma of liberty in the post-War Atlantic, New York University, 4 November, 2016. Quaderni Lupiensi 7 (2017).