Ethics in the research of marketisation and privatisation of education

December 11th 2020 we arranged a FuturEd seminar focusing on research ethics in the marketisation of education research. We had two engaging presentations. Professor Malin Ideland and Dr Anna Jobér from the University of Malmö talked about the cooperation with EdTech -companies and doing critical ethnographic research about the marketisation of education. University lecturer, Dr Satu Valkonen also gave a presentation about experiences in researching the privatisation of early childhood education in Finland. Here is the full programme for the seminar:

Chair Katariina Mertanen, University of Helsinki


13.00-13.10 Opening words – prof. Kristiina Brunila, University of Helsinki

13.10-13.30 – Alcohol, apperance, accessebility. Ethical considerations when researching the ed-tech field. Prof Malin Ideland & Dr. Anna Jobér, University of Malmö

13.30-13.40 Discussion

13.40-14.00 Researching Edu-business – Lessons learned (so far) about ethics. Dr. Satu Valkonen, University of Helsinki

14.00-14.10 Discussion

14.10-14.15 Short break

14.15-14.55 Joint discussion and future plans:

– Possibilities for joint research

– Questionnaire/other forms of joint data production

– Questions and comments

14.55-15.00 Concluding remarks. Kristiina Brunila

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