Welcome to the Open Webinar: Educating for the Future? Exploring the Dimensions of Precision Education Governance

Interrupting Future Trajectories of Precision Education Governance (FuturEd)-research project
AGORA for the study of social justice and equality in education –research centre
Time: June 3rd, 13-15 (UTC +3)


According to public discussion and policy steering, education is in constant crisis and it does not properly tackle future societal and economic challenges. Great hopes are put to new technologies, behavioural and life sciences, and new networks and partnerships between global and local, public and private organisations to solve the ‘problems’ of education in the near future. At the same time, education governance is shifting towards more individually and personally tailored policies and practices.

FuturEd –research project is the first serious attempt in Finland to investigate these changes and their outcomes together. In the project, we also aim to create global and local research networks to raise discussion and awareness of these future changes and their possible effects.

This FuturEd-seminar explores future trajectories of education and some of the most significant changes in education governance, such as the emergence of precision education governance, with distinguished and esteemed guest speakers. The precision education governance (PEG) is an umbrella concept referring to a) strengthening global and local forms of education governance, networks and agendas, b) use of insights from behavioural and life sciences , and c) acceleration of marketisation, privatisation, digitalisation, datafication of education.

We warmly welcome everyone interested in future trajectories of education.

The programme:

13.00 Education for what? Opening words. Professor Kristiina Brunila, FuturEd project, University of Helsinki

13.15 Guardians of the Future: International Organisations, Anticipatory Governance and Education. Professor Susan Robertson, University of Cambridge

14.00 Decentralization, marketization, privatization and beyond – School digitalisation in the light of education policy from a Swedish perspective. Associate Professor Catarina Player-Koro, University of Gothenburg

14.45-15.00 Discussion

Susan L. Robertson is Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Cambridge. She has written extensively on globalisation, international organisations and education in the context of transformations of the state. Susan is founding Editor and Co-Editor of Globalisation, Societies and Education, and convenor of the research group Culture, Politics and Global Justice.

Catarina Player-Koro is Professor in Educational Work at the University of Borås (start 1/8) and Associate Professor in Educational work at the University of Gothenburg. Her research expertise is in critical digital sociology and education, policy sociology and education ethnography, with a special interest in teachers work and teacher education. Currently, she is PI of the IFAU funded project “Selected or deselected – a profession in change.”, and participant in “Teachers’ digital work – (in)balance between demands and support? (Forte)”. She has a record of co-publications and collaborations with national and international researchers and works as a senior editor of Journal of praxis in Higher Education.

Seminar is chaired by Dr Katariina Mertanen, University of Helsinki.

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Meeting ID: 639 6113 8799
Passcode: 648949

Warm welcome!

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