Sep 30, 2022 Katariina Mertanen

Friday September 30, 2022 at 10.15-11.45 (UTC + 3):

Dr Katariina Mertanen

Katariina Mertanen is a postdoctoral researcher from the AGORA for the Study of Social Justice and Equality in Education Research Centre, University of Helsinki. Her recent research focuses on the digitalisation, marketisation and privatisation of youth education with a special focus on global and local education policies.

”A New Era of Education? Exploring the Future(s) of Education with the Lines of Precision Education Governance.”

Education is always directed towards the possible futures, and aims to ensure the teaching of skills and knowledge needed in the unknown. Although the future(s) are always unknown, the predictions and projections based on both past and present are pushing education towards global megatrends, such as globalization and digitalisation to answer said predictions. Education for the future needs to be individualised, agile, and flexible to ensure the success in the future world. Also, education is more and more focused on individuals’ well-being, social and emotional skills, and resilience to face unforeseen challenges.

In this lecture, I will explore previously mentioned on-going changes in the education governance with the help of a concept of precision education governance. Precision education governance brings together three overlapping lines of governance: i) global governance of education, ii) marketisation, privatisation and digitalisation, and iii) behavioural and life sciences as the basis for managing the future education. With policy and network data from both global governing organisations, such as the OECD, and Finnish context including policy documents and EdTech and EduBusiness websites, I will trace how each of the three lines of precision education governance shape and affect the education of today towards hyper-individualised human subject—in the name of future survival and success.


Suggested reading before the lecture:

Mertanen, K., Vainio, S., & Brunila, K. (2022). Educating for the future? Mapping the emerging lines of precision education governance. Policy Futures in Education, 20(6), 731–744.


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