Warm thank you for your participation in FuturEducation II – lecture series

An open, international, online lecture series FuturEducation II – Reimagining the Future of Education came to an end in December 2022 and received excellent feedback and addressed necessity for spaces for critical discussion about future trajectories of education.

We want to thank all our brilliant lecturers Katariina Mertanen, Fazal Rizvi, Bob Lingard and Nelli Piattoeva for making FuturEducation II possible and giving their thought-provoking critical lectures about the future of education. Special thanks also for all participants in these lectures and to PhD researchers who completed this lecture series as a course.

The lecture series was initiated by the Education & Society-research community at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the University of Helsinki and chaired by professors Kristiina Brunila (AGORA) and Janne Varjo (KUPOLI) and coordinated by PhD researcher Kirsi Yliniva during the fall semester 2022.

From these websites you can find more information, many interesting articles about the future of education and the updated blog with final essays from PhD researchers : https://blogs.helsinki.fi/futureducation/

With warm regards,

Kirsi, Kristiina & Janne