This is the old website of KUPOLI. This site is no longer updated. You can access KUPOLI’s new sites via links below.

Research group focusing on the Sociology and Politics of Education (in English)

Koulutussosiologian ja -politiikan tutkimusryhmä (in Finnish)

Research Unit focusing on the Sociology and Politics of Education / Koulutussosiologian ja -politiikan tutkimusyksikkö (KUPOLI)  is a multidisciplinary network of senior and junior researchers. KUPOLI is located at the Faculty of Educational Scieces, University of Helsinki.

KUPOLI research themes cover a wide variety of issues and approaches on sociology of education, especially problematics of policy, politics, interaction and governance in basic and higher education. The central focus is on crossings and intertwinings of global, regional, national and local levels, including schools and families.

Most recent projects have concentrated on school choice, segregation, dynamics of education politics, educational trajectories and governance of career guidance systems. See Research for more information.