“FuturEducation: Future Trajectories of Education and the Emergence of Precision Education Governance” is an open international online lecture series initiated by the Education and Society -research community at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the University of Helsinki. The lectures are open for everyone and do not require registration, excluding doctoral students who wish to complete FuturEducation as a course.

Chaired by professors Kristiina Brunila (AGORA) and Janne Varjo (KUPOLI) during the fall semester 2021, the lecture series is meant for everyone interested in deepening their knowledge about future trajectories of education and wanting to understand some of the most crucial questions of changing education governance that are shaping education and society. With eminent and internationally recognized speakers it provides essential knowledge for all stakeholders in the field of education.

This website provides all necessary up-to-date information about the lecture series and will include blog posts about this important topic from different perspectives as the series goes on.