Python for Geo-People

Two programming courses, Automating GIS processes and Introduction to Quantitative Geology, started today in Kumpula with 50 enrolled students in total. The aim of both courses is to introduce students to the python programming language and its applications in geosciences and geography.

The first part of both courses, “Python for geo-people“, focuses on the basics of programming and is held as joint lectures and practical sessions for all the students. In the second teaching period, the courses will go on their separate ways focusing on the two fields of specialization. The twin-course is lead by Henrikki Tenkanen (GIS processes) and David Whipp (quantitative geology) from the Department of Geosciences and Geography.

Teaching and learning is done using cloud computers (powered by CSC), and version control trough Git and GitHub. All the course materials are shared openly on GitHub during the autumn:Ā