Aleksanteri Conference 2021 – summary


Aleksanteri Institute hosted the 20th Annual Aleksanteri Conference online on 27-29 October, 2021. The conference was linked to the study of migration conducted in the Aleksanteri Institute since 2016 in four different projects.

The 20th Annual Aleksanteri Conference brought together 263 scholars from 39 countries to  explore dimensions of global migration to, from and within the Eurasian space.  Participants discussed a broad range of migration-related topics through contemporary and historical perspectives. You can read more about the event in our blog.

We invite you the watch and listen to the inspiring conference key notes here.

Below  are some glimpses from our conference online venue and the versatile three day program:























See you next year in the 21st Aleksanteri Conference 2022 : Russia and Global Insecurity!