The aim of the forum is to link the Finnish studies of sacred songs and hymnology up with the active researchers in other Nordic and European regions, and worldwide. We will establish wider international cooperation between scholars who are actively promoting academic research of hymns, sacred songs, and their singing. The concepts of “hymn” and “sacred song” are understood very widely as well as the contexts of their use.

The network of the “Helsinki Hymno Forum” is aimed to be a digital platform to follow the contemporary academic research. No face-to-face meetings or conferences of this network are planned to be organized, but we are pleased to welcome new researchers to ask the possibility the join the network. All the members are supposed to make active post-graduate or post-doctoral academic research on the field of sacred songs and hymnology, and to contribute with their studies in high quality channels of research publications. If you are interested to join the network as a member please contact Tapani Innanen,

We are happy to inform about the studies that the members of the network have recently contributed. We aim to tell about the events that are available for those interested in the academic research on the field of sacred songs and hymnology. The Blog of the Helsinki Hymno Forum website will give an opportunity for a more free and personal way in expressing the scholars’ positioning while studying songs, hymns and their singing.

The Finnish academic researchers provide a cooperative international forum supported by several Finnish universities, the Finnish Society for Hymnology and Liturgy, and the Church Research Institute. The scholars involved come from a multidisciplinary background and from several units of academic studies. The University of Helsinki, Department of Practical Theology, is the coordinating partner of the forum.