Tapani Innanen & Veli-Matti Salminen (Eds), Hymn – Song – Society. Forthcoming, March 2016.

This book is an article compilation based on a selection of conference papers and presentations held in the international ‘Hymn – Song – Society’ conference in 2014 in Espoo, Finland. The book is about to be published in March 2016 in the Publications series of the Church Research Institute.

The themes of the articles cover a wide range over hymnological, musicological and societal topics. The articles deal with both hymns and spiritual songs, their texts, melodies, singers and contexts; their environments varying from the Finnish and Scandinavian countries, and crossing over the Northern European borders as well. The authors are academic researchers and scholars on Church Music, Theology, Religious Education, History, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies from the four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden), Great Britain, and South Africa. All articles have been evaluated in the reviewing process by international referees to ensure the high academic quality of the articles.

Preliminary table of contents

  • A Hymn Today – An examination of the place of hymns in the twenty-first century
  • Hymns and Hymn-singing as an Indicator of the Situation of the Church
  • Hymns in society – Society in Hymns
  • ’My Home is Your Home…’ Hymns travelling the world
  • Sami hymns in the new Norwegian Hymn book
  • Spiritual songs supporting recovery from substance abuse
  • The development of the Image of God in Swedish hymn books
  • The Finnish Most Beautiful Christmas Songs sing-along events “in the minor tune land of melancholy”
  • The hymns at family services in Finland
  • Young adults and spiritually experienced music


Tapani Innanen & Veli-Matti Salminen (Eds), Virsi ja laulu Suomessa: tekstit, kokemus ja kasvatus. (Hymn and song in Finland: texts, experience, and education. In Finnish.) 2014.


A compilation book of reviewed articles in Finnish was published November 21st , 2014, as a conclusive report of the national five years long Finnish research project of hymns and songs. The book consists of fourteen independent research articles, and introductory and conclusive article as well. 468 pages.