Better Quality for Teacher Training

  • The goal of the project is, based on research knowledge, to contribute to the quality of in-service teacher training in higher education by strengthening pedagogical capacities and practices of Peruvian partner universities.
  • The project has been planned according to the Peruvian national political guidelines and strategic goals, namely Logros de Aprendizaje de los Estudiantes de Educación Básica Regular, PELA 2013-2016, and Metas educativas e Indicatores al 2021.
  • The central action is to train teacher educators of the participating RPU (Red Peruana de Universidades) universities that, in turn, will apply the new knowledge in their own work and train  teachers’ pedagogical mentors (Acompañantes Pedagógicos). Through them school teachers are also involved in the project.
  • A central part of the project has been the Base Line Review that opened in detail the Peruvian needs in improving national learning outcomes and the needs of teacher education in the Peruvian universities.