Project Evaluation

The objective of evaluation is to provide elements and knowledge for its constant development during the whole length of the project. Both formative and summative approaches are applied, as well as analysis of the final results. The development oriented approach requires follow-up, analysis and reflection for improvement during the whole process.  Summative measures will be used to evaluate how project targets are accomplished in the end.

Evaluators from the University of Helsinki and PUCP will gather information, analyze and make proposals for development together. Collaboration is essential for comparing the points of view of both universities on the project progress and for sharing experiences. The key thematic questions are:

  1. Are the organization and coordination of the project giving the best possible support to the achievement of its goals?
  2. Is the plan adequate for the following: organization, resourcing and the use of experts/trainers?
  3. Is there sufficient information on the local circumstances and preconditions, and is it integrated into the project execution?
  4. How the local education policy, decision makers, other interest groups and particularly social, cultural and political conditions are taken into account, when it comes to project execution and setting/achieving the goals?
  5. How are the challenges of language –bi/multilinguism- and interculturalism considered and tackled?
  6. How are the project objectives being achieved?
  7. Are the used methods appropriate considering the objectives set and the project’s specific contextual circumstances?