Training of Trainers

The special themes to be trained and applied as action research are the following topics:

  1. Adaption of innovations (new ideas and working methods) and supporting the teachers’ pedagogical mentors (Acompañantes Pedagógicos) to help the teachers to adopt innovations and apply them in practice
  2. Mentoring processes and methods
  3. Teaching and learning of mathematics and science in primary school among pupils aged 9-11 years.
  4. Special emphasis is set on curricular contextualization.
Acompañantes Pedagógicos
“Accompaniment is the act of providing ongoing advice, that is, the deployment of strategies and technical aid actions  through which a specialist individual or team  visits, supports and provides ongoing advice to a teacher and a principal on relevant issues of their practice. ” (National Education Council of Peru (CNE), 2007: 13)
“… The preferred pedagogical resource for professional strengthening of teachers; it is based on the exchange of
experiences between the companion and the accompanied, without distinction of superiority or hierarchy levels. It requires
authentic interaction, creating horizontal relationships in an atmosphere that motivates learning, and relevant pedagogical methods for the academic environment. This professional exchange process is done through dialogue and on the basis of classroom work observation and evaluation; it includes owning the ability to share and willingness to compromise for to help us grow together. It includes some consultation with students. “(MOE of Peru, 2010: 8)