Experiences from the previous seasons of HITP

See what the students and mentoring organisations from previous years have commented on HITP. You will find more comments below.


Phyllis Fong, Master’s Programme in Intercultural Encounters:

Phyllis FongI would use the letters H and U to describe HITP; helpful and useful because I got a lot of accredited information from my mentor organization, the City of Helsinki. During HITP, I received all sorts of guidance, especially for my thesis.  Also, after joining this program, I held a panel discussion along with one of my mentors from the City of Helsinki, where we discussed our overall experiences, which contributed to my master’s studies by helping me practice my communication skills.

I would recommend to any international student to join this program because it is really helpful, but only if you are active. This type of program requires you to be brave and ask questions and be willing to collaborate with your mentor as much as you can to get the best of it.


Merijn van Bruggen, Master’s programme in European and Nordic Studies

Merijin van BruggenI enjoyed a lot HITP. We met our mentor from the division of international affairs from the city of Helsinki. She was specifically focusing on international relations related to Russia and Estonia, and we had very productive meetings both with her and with other people from the city of Helsinki and other institutions. It was beneficial to meet people who work on topics related to my studies. I think it was an excellent opening to working life.

As an international student, it’s pretty complicated to get to know the Finnish work culture or have exposure to any professionals from your study background. So it was nice to meet people who are actually working in my field. Overall, I think HITP was worth it. It’s not too time-intensive or time-consuming. And it’s an excellent way to really get a head start when you enter the job market.



Tanja Malo, City of Helsinki:

Tanja MaloIt was a really lovely experience to be part of HITP from an employer’s point of view. We had five meetings together with the students, and it was really fulfilling to provide them with information about our working life. We learned that it is better to be more interactive during our participation, so the students would have a bigger role. For this year’s programme, we developed a project to teach mentees how we work on our day to day basis.

HITP is one way for employers to find future talents and create greater cooperation with them. I believe this is an excellent way of finding students looking for opportunities in Finland.


Heidi Orava, Nordic Culture Point:

Heidi OravaMy experience with the HITP program was excellent. This was a perfect opportunity to meet young people interested in our field. As a nonprofit cultural organization, HITP gave us the chance to meet young people interested in Nordic cultural cooperation and meet somewhere in the middle. I learned that listening is essential for the mentoring process. It was also helpful for getting all sorts of new perspectives for my career.

I really like that mentees dared to be provocative and ask those critical questions about what we do at work and were curious about Nordic cooperation. Not only did we get new perspectives, but we also had the chance to receive feedback on how to reach young people as a target group for our future projects.