Registration has been closed 22.11.2023

  • Please read the host organisations’ profiles on JobTeaser carefully on the Host organisations 23-24 page. You can go straight to their JobTeaser profile by clicking the name. You can open the company profile also without the ID.
  • Choose your first and second choice hosts. Please check that your degree programme is mentioned on the host’s profile. Make sure you can commit to the schedule.
  • Fill in the application form above which includes a few short questions about your motivations and interests.  Fill this in with thought, explain clearly why do you want to be part of this host’s group? There will be space to write max 150 words per choice. 
  • The organisation selects the participants based on the information in the application forms, in relation to their own motivations. (Read more the host company profiles).
  • Please note that UNITalent is not a traineeship programme, it’s for sharing information and networking. Read also the Frequently Asked Questions– page.
  • Extended application deadline 22.11.
  • Career services will contact you about the outcome latest 18.12.2023.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message at careerservices(at)