Who is eligible to apply?

HITP is aimed at providing professional mentorship and career knowledge for international   students at the University of Helsinki- a new initiative developed within Finland’s national Talent Boost framework. The goals of the HITP program are to inform international students about Finnish working life, including specifics about their fields of interest and the practicalities of finding a job in Finland.  In addition, the programme aims to support the students in building a professional network in Finland.

HITP is therefore intended for those that fall within the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s definition of who is an  international talent, namely: international students and, in some cases, Finnish students with international backgrounds.

In short, you may apply to HITP if you are an international degree student  at the University of Helsinki and if your degree programmes is a HITP partner. Please check our Participating Degree Programmes page.

Can Finnish students apply?

Finnish students from our participating degree programmes may apply if they have completed their undergraduate degrees abroad or otherwise fit the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s definition of international talent. Please contact us for further questions.

Is HITP a traineeship programme?

No. HITP is a mentoring programme.

Can I apply to a company or organisation’s mentorship group if they have not listed my degree programme in their profile?

If you are interested in a mentorship group that has not listed your programme, please contact us. Please note that your degree programme must nonetheless be one of our participating programmes.

My degree programme is not on the list of participating programmes. Why is that and can I still apply?

Unfortunately not, but you can apply to the other group mentoring programme offered by Career Services. Note that only a limited amount of programmes are taking part and that maybe next year your programme will be a HITP- partner. You can ask your programme director or education planner.

I am unable to participate in HITP. Are there other programmes available to me?

Yes! The University of Helsinki’s Career Services offers a variety of services, including a group mentoring programme offered in Finnish, Swedish, and English. You can find more information about the events, programmes, and resources offered by Career Services on the Work and Career page under Instructions for Students.

What are thematic groups?

The  City of Helsinki offers many specialized thematic groups.  These thematic groups allow students to choose a mentorship group focused on their interests under the umbrella of a larger organization.

You may apply to more than one thematic group  or a combination of thematic group and another company’s mentorship group, for example. Just keep in mind that you have to prioritze them.

How many mentorship groups can I apply to?

You may apply to two different mentorship groups.

What do I commit to when applying?

You commit to actively taking part the joint the HITP  events:  introduction, kick-off, mentoring meetings,  career workshops, closing event.

In what language will HITP run?

HITP events and group meetings will be conducted in English. 

Due to Covid-19, I am not currently in Helsinki. Can I still apply?

HITP is hoping to hold in-person meetings in the spring, to which participants are expected to commit.  If you are not currently in Helsinki, but can commit to meeting in-person from January onwards,  you are more than welcome to apply.

How will Covid-19 affect HITP?

HITP’s Kick-Off in November will be in a hybrid format.
We hope to be able to organize the mentoring sessions live during spring 2022, but we are equally prepared to conduct them online.  All participants will be informed in due time. In all cases, we prioritize the health and safety of our participants.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message at careerservices(at)helsinki.fi.