Who is eligible to apply?

You may apply if you are an international  Master’s degree student or an international doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki.

Can Finnish students apply?

Finnish students may apply if they have completed their undergraduate degrees abroad or otherwise fit the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s definition of international talent. Please contact us for further questions.

Is UNITalent a traineeship programme?

No, UNITalent is a forum for information sharing and networking.

How is my application rated?

The host organization that you applied to make the final decision, based  on the application letters which include motivational statements. Study their profiles in JobTeaser for more information.

Will the host company/organization offer a traineeship or a job at the end of the programme?

Neither the host company/organization nor you commit to anything else than taking part in the 3 month- long programme.

If an opportunity for other kind of collaboration, e.g. a traineeship, a job or a thesis project, arises as a result of the programme, the agreement on such collaboration is between you and the host company/organization. It is a separate process to UNITalent, although we would be happy to hear of such an outcome!

I am unable to participate in UNITalent. Are there other programmes available to me?

Yes! The University of Helsinki’s Career Services offers a variety of services, including a group mentoring programme offered in Finnish, Swedish, and English. You can find more information about the events, programmes, and resources offered by Career Services on the Work and Career page under Instructions for Students.

Note that also several other mentoring programmes are available to you in the Helsinki region.

How many groups can I apply to?

You may apply to two different groups.  You are asked to prioritize your choices in the application form.

What do I commit to when applying?

You commit to actively taking part in the events: career workshop,  kick-off, group meetings, closing event.

In what language is UNITalent?

All events and group meetings will be conducted in English

I can’t be in Helsinki for the duration of the programme. Can I still apply?

At this moment there are only groups that will meet live (Season-24) so physical presence is required.

Will the meetings be face-to-face or online?

UNITalent is organized in a hybrid form. The career workshop is online. The kick -off is partly online, partly live. Meetings  can be both, please check organization profiles in Jobteaser for details. The closing will be live.

I took part in the programme last year. Can I apply again?

Yes you can! Of course,  applying to a different host organization than previously. First timers may be prioritized.

Can I get credits for attending UNITalent?

We are working on it, and hopefully we will be able to offer a package worth one study point in the -25 season. Career services doesn’t issue credits, but we can issue a certificate of attendance at the end. If you negotiate with your study programme about integrating UNITalent to a work life course, do let us know. Participating in UNITalent  takes approx 12 hours.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message at careerservices(at)helsinki.fi.