What is HITP?

The HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme (HITP) is where international talents from the University of Helsinki meet local companies and organizations, within the framework of mentoring.

The goals of the HITP programme are to inform international students about Finnish working life, including specifics about their fields of interest and the practicalities of finding a job in Finland.  Topics of discussion include: What are the latest trends and developments? How do you enter this field? Which skills and competencies are required?

Organizational mentors share valuable  knowledge and help the mentees build a professional local network. Mentees also get the opportunity to introduce themselves, as well as share their perspectives and thereby support the mentor partner in gaining an international perspective. 

In the 2021-22 season HITP has partnered up with 14 degree programmes and 9 organizations. This year we are also cooperating with the HEI Life project, supporting the integration of international academics and their families living and working in Finland.

The programme offers two career management workshops for the mentees.

After HITP, the companies/ organizations and the students are free to continue working together if they wish to do so. Otherwise, there are no commitments on either side when the programme ends.

The programme is coordinated by Career Services at the University of Helsinki.

Check out the HITP-video, where both mentees and mentors share their experiences from the first season 2020-21:

How does Covid-19 affect HITP?

We have kicked off in hybrid mode in November. We hope mentors are able to organize the mentoring sessions live during spring 2022 , but we have to  equally be prepared to conduct them online. All participants will be informed in due time. In all cases, we prioritize the health and safety of our participants.


HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme falls under Finland’s larger Talent Boost framework. Talent Boost is a national programme, which aims to attract international talent to Finland in order to make Finland more competitive internationally 

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland, international talent is defined as “skilled immigrants or Finnish returnees with international experience, expertise and connections that can generate added value for Finnish industries and cater to the needs of the labour force”

HITP contributes to this larger framework by providing a means through which international students can prepare to enter the Finnish workforce or attract those who may not have originally considered staying in Finland after their studies. HITP also intends to show Finnish companies the benefits and possibilities that emerge from working with international students.