Development Cooperation Committee of HYY

What is the development cooperation committee (KEHY) ?

The development cooperation committee is a committee under The Student Union of the University of Helsinki HYY. It’s task is to:

  • manage development cooperation projects
  • raise awareness and participate in public discourse on the topics of development cooperation
  • organise events related to sustainable development and development cooperation
  • publish our online magazine Kimppu


How can you participate?

Everybody interested in the KEHY Committee’s work is welcome to our meetings and events!

At the end of the year the Committee organises an election meeting to select its next year’s new members for the positions of responsibility. All our meetings are open to all the Student Union members so even if you do not hold a position, feel free to join our general meetings!

Follow our website or sign up to KEHY’s mailing list. To join the list you need to send a message “subscribe kehy-vlk [insert your email e.g.]” to the address Leave the message title empty. If you wish to stop following the mailing list, send the previous message but replace subscribe with unsubscribe.


You can also get information about current projects and events by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Kimppu-magazine is the development committees magazine focused on the topics of development cooperation, current political events, global phenomena and social issues. The magazine is funded by communications support by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Kimppu is published online at

Old issues of Kimppu magazine can be found here:

Information about the magazine: or